Prof. Dr. Junming Shao (Director)

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow

Research Fields: Data Mining, Neuroimaging, Machine Learning

Affiliation: Data Mining Lab, Big Data Research Center, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UESTC, China.

Mail Address: No.2006, Xiyuan Ave, West Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu 611731, Sichuan, China.

Office: Room 319, Innovation Centre, Qinshuihe Campus.

Email: junming.shao@gmail.com, junmshao@uestc.edu.cn

Biograph: received his PhD degree with highest honer (“Summa Cum Laude”) at the University of Munich, Germany, in 2011. He became the Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in 2012. His research interests include data mining and neuroimaging. He not only published papers on top-level data mining conferences like KDD, ICDM, SDM (two of those papers have won the Best Paper Award), but also published data mining-related interdisciplinary work in leading journals including Brain, Neurobiology of Aging, and Water Research. >>detail<<


Associate Prof. Dr. Qinli Yang

Research Fields: Hydrology and Water Resources, Data Mining

Affiliation: Data Mining Lab, Big Data Research Center, UESTC, China.

Office: Room 319, Innovation Centre, Qinshuihe Campus.

Email: qinli.yang@uestc.edu.cn

Biograph: received her PhD degree at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Currently, she is working at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Her recent research interests focus on data mining driven water resources research. She has published many papers in prestigious journals like Water Research, Environmental Modelling & Software, Journal of Environmental management, as well as several papers in the field of data mining. >>detail<<


Ph.D Students


Zhongjing Yu (2015 -)

Network Mining

Ruizhi Wu (2015 -)

Spatiotemporal Data Mining

Wei Han (2017 -)

Transfer Learning

Zhong Zhang (2017 -)

Subspace clustering, Multi-View Learning, NLP


Salah Uddin (2017 -)

Data Stream Mining

Jay Kumar (2018 -)

Subspace clustering, Data Stream Mining

Jiaming Liu (2017 -)

Data Stream Mining

Zhili Qin (2017 -)

Few-Shot & Meta Learning


David (2019 -)

Rumor Detection and Veracity Classification

Neuroimaging Analysis

Rui Zhang (2020 -)

Adversarial Examples Learning

Jinxia Guo (2021 -)

Adversarial Examples Learning


Master Students


Honglian Wang (2018 -)

Trajectory Semantic Representation

Cong Xu (2018 -)

Subspace Clustering, NLP

Yang Liu (2018 -)

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Lin Li (2018 -)

Data Mining


Yifan Zhuo (2018 -)

Data Stream Mining

Yu Ye (2019 -)

Data Stream Mining

Yue Cao (2019 -)

Few Shot Learning

Heting Bai (2019 -)

Data Mining, Remote Sensing, Hydrology


Bolin Feng (2019 -)

Data Mining

Wujun Tao (2019 -)

Network Mining

Xiaoshun Yao (2019 -)

Spatiotemporal Data Mining

Minghong Yang (2019 -)

Data Stream Mining,Run-off Prediction


Yuanyuan Man (2020 -)

Data Stream Mining, Spatiotemporal Data Mining

Lidan Zhang (2020 -)

Data Mining

Liangxu Pan (2020 -)

Data Stream Mining

Shangxuan Fu (2020 -)

Adversarial Machine Learning


Zhaoyu Liu (2020 -)

Dynamic Commmunity Detection

Xusong Ning (2020 -)

Data Mining

Baoying Li (2020 -)

Spatiotemporal Data Mining

Kai Qin (2020 -)

Dynamic Commmunity Detection


Wenli Jia (2020 -)

Dynamic Commmunity Detection

Zijiao Wang (2020 -)

Data Mining

Chang Yang (2020 -)

Spatiotemporal Data Mining

Han Wang (2020 -)

Robust Network Mining


Xiaoxiao Wang (2021 -)

Dynamic Commmunity Detection



Changgang Zheng (2017-2020) University of Oxford, Ph.D

Yao Yang (2017-2020) Baidu Corporation, Algorithm Employee

Didi Kang (2017-2020) Baidu Corporation, Employee

Jiaqi Peng (2017-2020) Alibaba Group, Employee

Hongcai Wu (2017-2020) CHINA ZHESHANG BANK, Employee

Di Wu (2017-2020) Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Employee

Haoran Chen (2017-2020) Software Development Center of ICBC, Employee

Peiyan Li (2016-2019) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Ph.D

Yi Zhao (2016-2019) CAEP, Employee

Chongming Gao (2016-2019)

Shasha Luo (2016-2019) JIA FA IE, Employee

Dongzi Chen (2016-2019) Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Employee

Chen Huang (2015-2018) Jingdong Corporation, Employee

Xiaolin Yang (2015-2018) INDUSTRIAL BANK CO.,LTD., Employee



Yue Tan      (2014-2017) China Electronics Technology Group, Employee

Wenbao Li      (2014-2017) Baidu Corporation, Employee

Feng Huang      (2014-2017) Blue Sword Program, ZTE Corporation, Employee

Jinhu Liu      (2012-2017) Huawei Corporation, Employee

Jun Wang      (2012-2017) Big Data of WoLong, Self-employed

ZhiChao Han      (2013-2015), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), Master Student

Xinzuo Wang      (2014-2016), Northwestern University(USA), Master Student

Nan Meng      (2014-2015), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), PhD Student

Yi Liu      (2013-2015), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PhD Student

Xiao Hu      (2013-2016), Blue Sword Program, ZTE Corporation, Employee

Fangfang Chen      (2015-2016), Zhejiang University, Master Student

Wei Wang      (2015-2016), Zhejiang University, Master Student

Yuanliang Zhang      (2015-2016), Zhejiang University, Master Student

Jiatu Shi      (2014-2015), Alibaba Group, Employee

Huaxiu Yao      (2014-2015), Penn State University, USA

Kai Wang      (2014-2015), Alibaba Group, Employee

Chang Yi      (2014-2015), Master Study